Homemade Pizza


Build your own!
The base pizza has tomato sauce and cheese.

•pepperoni •ham •pineapple •bell pepper •corn
•onions •tomatoes •garlic •leeks •broccoli
•spinach •egg •extra cheese •sheep’s cheese •mozzarella
•Gorgonzola •basil •mushrooms •tuna
•anchovies •green/black olives •jalapeños
•mild/spicy peppers •potato slices
•chicken breast •ground meat •bacon
•peperoncini •sour cream •artichoke
•zucchini •rocket salad

Homemade Pizza Bread

with choice of herb butter, garlic mayonnaise, tzatziki,
yogurt dressing, sour cream, spicy tomato sauce,
or red mojo (spicy)

Additionally, there’s the Pizza of the Day, which changes daily. Just ask!
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If the Regular Pizza is too big for you, we also offer a Small Pizza!