Our Cheese Section

Classic Cheese Plate

Cubes of cheese; enough for two people

The Variation Cheese Plate

Three types of cheese–Edam, sheep’s cheese, and Camembert–with
raw onion rings, tomatoes, and cucumbers

Breaded Camembert

with cranberries, toast, and a mini salad

Baked Camembert

with toast, cucumbers, tomatoes,
and lots of raw onion rings

Tomato – Mozzarella – Plate

with basil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil

Mozzarella – Crustini

Small slices of ciabatta with tomatoes,
mozzarella, and basil, as well as a side salad

Baked Sheep’s Cheese

in olive oil and garlic, with toast

Baked Sheep’s Cheese II

with tomatoes and basil, as well as toast

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